Nothing can be more distracting from growing and managing your business than a dispute. Having experience as a corporate attorney, a businessman, and a litigator gives Shane the background to successfully navigate these waters. It is a delicate balancing act between money, corporate strategy, and litigation strategy simultaneously. Mistakes will be made if you only look at one of these factors. For example, one owner may want to spend any amount of money necessary in order to win a dispute, while another owner may cave at the first stage to avoid spending a large amount of money.

Litigation should never be taken lightly. Unfortunately, in some industries it is almost inevitable. Very few small businesses would ever incur the cost of taking a case all the way to a jury trial. Understanding the process and constantly re-evaluating risks and rewards associated with certain actions are vital.


Disputes can take many forms: disputes between partners/shareholders; disputes over contracts; disputes with lenders. It is vital that you deal with the issue from a strategic viewpoint from the beginning. Understanding the process of a dispute is key: from initial negotiations, identifying relative strengths and weaknesses, and assessing the legal arguments. Deciding when to fight, when to cut losses and when to let things play out can be one of the harder decisions an owner has to make.


We have litigated hundreds of business disputes, including at the appellate level, against both big firms and small firms. We have represented a variety of clients: owners against banks; banks against borrowers; partners in business disputes; tenants against landlords; a large government agency and a bank against claims brought by a developer.


When looking at your options regarding a possible lawsuit, it is difficult to decide on a course of action without talking through the costs, options and benefits. A free consultation will help you understand the process and decide what strategy makes sense for both you and your business.