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Family Law - Stogner Law, LLC


Family law disputes can be complex and stressful. Going through a divorce, or a child custody dispute is often the most difficult and emotional time in someone’s life.Having an advocate by your side and on your team to navigate through the court process can minimize some of this stress. We believe it is imperative for our clients to understand the legal process and to move forward to a resolution in order for them to move on with their lives. We work with you as your team leader, advisor and counselor as we move your case through to finality.


There are several issues that arise in divorce cases: child custody, child support, visitation, equitable division of assets and liabilities and alimony.  We do not leave our clients alone in navigating and resolving these issues before the Court.


Understanding the adoption process is essential to a successful and extraordinary experience.  We guide you through the process while ensuring the Court has all that is necessary to finalize the adoption.  We enjoy leading our clients through this process and into their new lives together as a family unit.


We offer free consultations on all family law matters, including adoptions.  We understand that often times people do not plan that they may need an attorney one day especially when it comes to family law matters.  During our free consultations, we will provide you an overview of the process so you may make your decision of whether you need to hire an attorney as your team leader, advocate and counselor.